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Problem Solving

Broadband setup in the home

We will set up any router to use your new or existing broadband and ensure that it is both secure and working correctly, giving you the best network performance.

Wireless setup

Not only will Mouse Computing setup your wireless router, we will make sure that it is secure so no one else can gain access to it or to your computers via the wireless connection.

Any device that you wish to connect wirelessly can also be configured.

Broadband setup in UEA halls of residence

As a former employee of the IT department at UEA, Mike from Mouse Computers knows how the internet connections in the Halls of residence need to be set up.  UEA offers help sheets on connecting your computer but does not provide a service to do this for you as their responsibility ends at the network outlet in the room. We can set your computer up to comply with the UEA network use policy and get it connected for you.  If we find a problem with the network connection itself we can contact ITCS on your behalf to get it resolved for you.

Parental Controls

It you are worried about what your child might be exposed to while browsing the internet then we can install software to reduce what type of adult content they can see through Content Filters.

Please email or call us for a quote.
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