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Problem Solving

Hardware Installation

Do you have a new printer, scanner, digital camera or other computer hardware that you are not sure how to set up or simply do not have the time?  Do you want us to fit your additional memory or a new hard drive in your computer?  We can assist with all of this.

Software Installation

We can install most types of software, including regular products like Microsoft Office™ and specialist software such as that which comes with digital camera or mobile phone.  We can also demonstrate how to use them and provide some basic documentation for you on their use.

New Computer setup

It is a common misconception that when you purchase a new computer it is set up and ready for you to use.  In reality it is likely to need to be patched to ensure that the operating system is secure and the anti-virus will often need updating.  It is also likely that it will need to be set up so that you can use it on your broadband or wireless connection.  No matter how tempting it is to connect up a new computer to the internet when you first get it, it is worthwhile getting it properly set up before you do, otherwise you may be calling us out for problem resolution instead!

We can set your computer up fully, ready for first use and you will be able to connect to the internet with confidence.

New PDA or Smartphone setup

This includes setting it up and securing your mobile device. If it supports wireless then we can connect it to your wireless network.

Please email or call us for a quote.

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Wireless and Broadband Setup
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